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The whole world is going digital. The power of learning digitally opens many new facets of knowledge, amplifies the interest of constant learning in learners, clears concepts unbelievably and saves tremendous time. To give the power of digital teaching in the hands of Indian educators in each educational institute, Virtual Vidyapith is empowering them with their own studio setup.

Shoot your educational videos and go digital

We help in spreading awareness of the studio among teachers

We provide professional videographers and crew to shoot videos skilfully

We install a 3-layer animation software in the studio that has more than 20,000+ themes to make educational videos more engaging for students

We offer the help of our designing and editing team to make video ‘view-ready’

We promote educational videos with the help of our expert marketing team

Acoustically<br>Treated Interiors

Treated Interiors

Grid Based<br>Lighting

Grid Based

High Quality<br>Interactive Panel

High Quality
Interactive Panel

High Quality<br>Microphones

High Quality

High Quality<br>Video Cameras

High Quality
Video Cameras

High Speed<br>Internet Connection

High Speed
Internet Connection

How will a studio setup help?


Educators can shoot teaching videos in their own institute

An institute can rent the same studio to other teachers in their area to shoot their videos

A studio can help in recording many important events of the institute

The shot videos can be used in teaching students more effectively

A teacher can reach innumerable students in the world by uploading the video on a digital platform

Sample Video 1

Sample Video 2


All the students can gain an equal opportunity of growing academically

The grasping power of all students is different. With videos, weak students can learn any topic more than one time

Students can learn again and again with educational videos anytime, anywhere.

With a studio on the campus, even students can get an opportunity to face the camera and eliminate on-screen fear

Our Sample Videos

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